Horse Feathers Farm

Rebecca McKeever


So, a bit about me prior to HFF (and getting married…) I worked at race tracks, breeding farms, fox hunting stables, dressage barns, eventing, endurance…..pretty much every English discipline. My farm is a culmination of everything I have gleaned from some of the best in the business. I stepped away from “horse life” for a while and sailed on research vessels and schooners as a science officer and that is where I met my future husband -off the banks of Sable Island in Canada, running from a hurricane… you do…. Fast forward a few years and we now live in a small town, about 70 miles west of Houston. The ranch is about 110 acres which we share with my mum, the horses, dogs and all the wildlife. I also run a wildlife rescue group called Lone Star Wildlife Rescue. I do mostly birds of prey, so if I say “got to run, an owl just arrived”….that is short speak for “I’ve a new patient just brought in by rescuers/the game warden etc.” and have to go. It’s a life of jugging around here!

Kelsey Kempton

Farm/Breeding Manager

I had my first riding lesson at 8 years old on a 17hh Saddlebred and from then on I was hooked! I grew up riding saddleseat and showing American Saddlebreds. In high school I got my first job caring for and training horses at a small, privately owned farm near my house. This farm had draft crosses, Tennesse Walking Horses and Gypsies that I rode both English and Western. It was at this farm that I had my first foaling experience which sparked my interest in breeding horses. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University in 2014 with a concentration in Reproduction and Genetics and a minor in Business Administration. While at CSU I also acquired experience starting and showing young horses as well as being a member of the Polo Club in which I learned to play polo and managed the horses for interscholastic competitions. I completed a 6 month breeding and training internship at Blue Mound Quarters in Nevis, Minnesota in 2013 gaining valuable experience in reproduction, starting young horses, and farm management. I knew I wanted to work with big, colorful, hairy horses and I was lucky enough to find Rebecca and the Drums of Horse Feathers Farm in my job search. I now work for an amazing boss with the most fantastic horses!


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