Horse Feathers Farm

Welcome to Horse Feathers Farm! We are breeders of traditional Drum Horses.

Our Drum mares have all been chosen for their adherence to the International Drum Horse Association Standard. Some mares have been imported, some are home bred and others have we have carefully searched for throughout the USA. All of our mares are carefully selected for their calm, quiet temperament, excellent conformation, beautiful movement and abundant feathering. Our Foundation mares consist of Clydesdale mares of Canadian or British blood lines. In general, the conformation of these lines gives us better riding mares instead of the more ‘hitchy’ type horses the States produces.

We have frozen semen available from the Drum stallion, Alexander the Great PRR (F2), who now lives and stands in New Zealand. We also have retained frozen semen from our F1 Drum stallion , Avalon’s King Arthur, though he is no longer available to the public. Both stallions bring something unique to the Drum breed. We also continue to use outside stallions to continue to improve our herd and to insure the health and diversity of our future breeding stock.

We also have an up-and-coming Clydesdale stallion, Coppertop’s Kylo. We are excited to see what this boy can bring to the Drum breed when he comes of age. Kylo will also be used to breed some of HFF’s first full Clydesdale foals.

We also stand our fantastic Lion King son, Aislan of Lion King. Aislan is our one and only Gypsy, he is a fantastic asset to our Drum breeding program, and he is available to the public.

Our Drums do it all. Some are just brood mares, others show, and a few carry drums as they were meant to do. We are the largest breeder of Drums in North America and are ever working towards moving the Drum from type to breed. We are setting the standard. When you purchase a Drum foal from HFF, you are purchasing a foal whose pedigree and breeding has been well thought out. In addition, all of our foals go through the trail obstacle course, load into a trailer and will stand for the farrier before they leave our farm. We are committed to sending off good Drum citizens!

All of our foals are handled daily with love and care. These horses are our family.


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