Horse Feathers Farm

So what exactly are Drum horses? First, it is really a job description for a type. These colourful horses are bred for use in the Queen’s cavalry and carry the big kettle drums. Traditional Drum horses are a cross between Clydesdale or Shire and Gypsy horses. The Gypsy keeps the feather and adds the colour. They must have at least 1/8 Gypsy blood in them to be a true Drum horse and be at least 16hh. Good, registered foundation Shires and Clydesdales are a must for any Drum program. Add a Gypsy to the mix and you get a fantastic versatile and athletic horse with an amazing temperament. No other breeds can be used to create Drum horses. The Gypsy component must not exceed 50%.

Our Drum program is in it’s infancy. I firmly believe that the best Drums are those with the least amount of Gypsy blood in them. I love my mares and stallion that are 50% Gypsy, but they will not be bred together. Instead, they will be bred to other Clydesdales, Shires or a Drum with minimal Gyspy. We are breeding to the IDHA standard for that heavy, big riding horse that is stand-alone unique.

To learn more about the IDHA Standard: International Drum Horse Association Standard


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