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Gerbrich was an impressive mare, standing 16.3hh. A beautiful mover, with three elastic gaits. She competed in the Netherlands at Z2 (third level) and scored well. We had hopes to breed her but had been unsuccessful. Gerbrich was such a fantastic Schoolmaster that I continued to ride and train on her.

Several years ago, Gerbrich found her new role in life as part of the Wildskye Productions Bird of Prey Show at the Texas Renaissance Festival! She was such a great performer and allowed us to fly birds to and from her. She knew her part better than I did and never missed a mark. Who knew that I had Thesbian for a Friesian!

Gerbrich’s age and hips finally caught up with her and she was permanently retired from the Ren Fair. I knew she missed it, but the show schedule was very hard on her. She was very much missed by her fans, and the picture in my mind is of this beautiful girl bowing her head down for little girls in fairy wings to gently pet her nose. She loved little girls in fairy wings. We lost Gerbrich before Thanksgiving of 2014. I still miss her wild bareback rides, running from the feral pigs, running with the wind or just running for the shear joy. Heart Horse extraordinaire.

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16.3 hh