Horse Feathers Farm

The Windmill Gang

The Windmill Gang is made up of all of our old rescue horses. We started off with quite a few more, but over the years the herd has thinned. Age and time took some, and others I found the perfect home for…..these were the younger horses that needed owners of their own to love and cherish them: Jubilee and Jingo….Penny, the welsh pony that needed doting on and is now keeping another old pony company.

My beautiful Promise, who was rescued at an auction for $25 because she could barely walk and I promised her I would keep her for the rest of her life. And I did. And Gallant Andiamo who has also passed over the Rainbow bridge and now joined by Gerbrich (although she was never a formal member of the Windmill Gang - she and Andiamo loved to hang out together).

In 2016 we lost Margo, the Evil Donkey. Her mum was rounded up from the Mohave Desert and abandoned her at 3 days old. Bottle raised and just a brat. Always trying to help, she was…..loved her anyway. Violetta was quite depressed when we lost Margo, so we gained Iris, who raised her share of baby donkeys and is now enjoying retirement with Violetta. We also lost Bru, a horribly abused Arabian of impeccable bloodlines, who I had since he was 4, he left us at the age of 26. Trust issues and a hairline fracture repaired with a plate in screws that kept him sound for the rest of his life.

We are now left with five: the old gals Oreo and Bailey, the donkeys Violetta and Iris, and Sid the Pony. They will forever remain with us.

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