Horse Feathers Farm

Our Horses :: Available After Foaling

We are happy to help you purchase your dream Drum or Gypsy. Take advantage of our interest free financing, with just 10% down. An additional 40% is due within 30 days, and you have up to 6 months to pay the balance. Your Drum or Gypsy remains at HFF for a reduced board until paid for in full. As a new owner, you are responsible for all bills (vet, farrier, etc.) incurred while your horse remains with us. Deposits are Non-Refundable.

We do not sell foals in-utero. First and foremost, we want potential owners of our foals to be 100% satisfied. Since we have no control over colour, sex or health, we prefer to have our foals on the ground and healthy before they are put up for sale.

If you are interested in any of the upcoming foals listed below, please contact us to be put on a birth announcement email list. We will email shortly after the foal is born and pronounced healthy.

_Alexander the Great PRR x Alexandria Foal 2018 Drum Horse (F2) TBD

2018 Drum foal available after foaling. Due March 26, 2018​

_Alexander the Great PRR x Bohl’s Georgia Peach Foal 2018 Drum Horse (F3) TBD

2018 Drum Foal available after foaling! Due June 7, 2018.​

_Robyncroft Perfect Son x Zorra Highland Lady Caitlin Foal 2018 Clydesdale TBD

2018 Cydesdale foal available after foaling.​ Due April 19, 2018.