Horse Feathers Farm

Breeding Services

Artificial Insemination

While your mare is here to be bred she will be cared for like one of our own and housed in a spacious outdoor paddock. We offer AI to on site stallions with fresh semen, and AI to off site stallions with cooled or frozen semen. We analyse each dose of fresh, cooled, or frozen semen for quality immediately before insemination. Ultrasound examinations are included with your mare’s insemination, this includes the 14 day pregnancy check and 25 day heartbeat check. Additional ultrasound examinations can be purchased if needed. Our AI package to an on site stallion also includes collection, insemination, and a shot of lutalyse (if needed) for two cycles. After two cycles, if your mare comes up open additional costs will apply. On farm AI to on site stallions available February 1-May 31. Our AI packages to off site stallions include insemination, a shot of lutalyse (if needed), and booking of the semen shipment for two cycles. After two cycles, if your mare comes up open additional costs will apply.

Collection and Shipping

All stallions standing at Horse Feathers Farm have passed a breeding soundness exam and have guaranteed high quality semen. Semen evaluations are performed for concentration and motility on every collection to be shipped. You will receive two breeding doses with a copy of the semen quality evaluation. Shipped semen available Monday-Friday, February 1-May 31.

Ultrasound Examinations

We perform ultrasound examinations by appointment Saturday-Thursday. You can bring one mare, or a whole trailer load, discounts will be given for multiple mares brought in the same trailer load. We can do ovulation checks, pregnancy checks, and general reproductive health checks (looking for ovarian/uterine cists, uterine infections, ect.).

Uterine Lavage

Our 3 day uterine lavage technique is proven to clear basic uterine infections and clean out retained fluid and debris from foaling. A dose of intrauterine antibiotics and a pH stabilizing buffer are administered each day after the lavage. Most mares will successfully clean out after our standard 3 day lavage, for those requiring extra care, we can extend the lavage treatment for an additional cost per day.


Our expecting mares are housed in outdoor paddocks during the day and brought into spacious 12x24 stalls at night. They are fully monitored under cameras that you will have access to via mobile app. Each mare is also equipped with an EquiPage Foaling Monitor. All mares are assisted in foaling and supervised until the foal stands, nurses, and passes meconium, and the mare passes the placenta. All foals have their naval dipped in Chlorhexidine solution and their temperatures taken twice a day for the first five days. Drums, gypsys, and other heavy coated foals will be body clipped within the first 24 hours to prevent overheating. A new foal exam will be performed by a veterinarian approximately 8-12 hours after the foal has nursed, this exam includes a tetanus toxoid shot and an IgG test. Any additional veterinary care for the mare or foal will be at the owners expense. Our foals are housed in their stall for their first five days to ensure both the mare and foal are healthy and happy before they are turned out. Mares must arrive between 1-3 weeks prior to their due date (340 days), and may stay up to 1 week after they foal.

Standing Stallions

Stallions standing at HFF have at least 12 hours of turnout a day in individual, grassy pastures and fed hay 3x a day and grain 1-2x a day. Breeding season is February 1-May 31. Before collection for on farm AI or shipping, all stallions must be cleaned out until their semen is shipping quality (usually 1-2 cleanout collections). Before semen shipping all stallions must pass a test shipment exam performed by HFF, or have documentation of successful shipment from a veterinarian or reproduction technician. Stallions can be brought to HFF for short term care, which is 2 weeks or less, or they can stand with us for the entire season. We also offer year round stallion boarding. Go to our Stallion Boarding page for more information about long term stallion boarding.


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