Horse Feathers Farm

Stallion Boarding

We offer year round stallion boarding at competitive rates. Stallions boarded at HFF will be handled by experienced personnel and taken care of like one of our own. They are fed hay 3x a day and grain 1-2x a day. Stallions will have at least 12 hours of turnout in one of our four 1/2 acre grassy stallion pens. Our full service board also includes a 12x12 stall, grooming, and bathing. Farrier work, deworming, and fecals are also offered at an addition fee per service.

Would you like your stallion exercised, trained, or ridden as well? We can do that! Our Full Service Board and Exercise package includes the same turnout, stall, grooming, and bathing as our Full Service Board, as well as exercise twice a week for your stallion. Our experienced trainer and staff can do basic groundwork, round pen work, and English or western riding.

What about breeding? We are a fully equipped breeding facility. We can collect and ship semen anywhere in the continental United States, as well as breed on farm via artificial insemination. For an addition fee per mare, we can even breed your stallion to your mares. Take a look at our Breeding Services page for more information about breeding your mares. Our breeding season is February 1-May 31. Before collection for on farm AI or shipping, all stallions must be cleaned out until their semen is shipping quality (usually 1-2 cleanout collections). Before semen shipping all stallions must pass a test shipment exam performed by HFF, or have documentation of successful shipment from a veterinarian or reproduction technician.